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The First Annual Silvia Coradeschi RoboCup Award to Honor a Female RoboCup Student

Prof. Silvia Coradeschi (d. Feb 5, 2014) was a founding trustee of RoboCup and an early visionary in the RoboCup initiative. She served as General Chair of RoboCup 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden, was a frequent competition participant, and was an examplar of the RoboCup ideal of engaging in cutting edge AI and Robotics research. She is greatly missed by all RoboCuppers who had the privilege of working with her and enjoying her friendship.

To honor her memory, the RoboCup Federation created "The Silvia Coradeschi RoboCup Award" in 2014 for a young female RoboCup student, with distinguishing research.

The award recipient, to be named at the RoboCup 2014 banquet will receive:

  - a certificate
  - reimbursement for the RoboCup 2014 registration fee
  - free registration at one (any) future international RoboCup
  - a $500 honorarium

Eligible candidates are female graduate students who have not yet earned a Ph.D. and who are registered for RoboCup-2014.

The two criteria are:

1) Distinguishing research as evidenced by, for example, refereed publications.

2) RoboCup leadership, either within a team, and/or in the broad RoboCup community.

To nominate a female student, the student's professor should send a nominating email to April Foster,, by July 20th, 2014. The email must address both of the award criteria.

The nominating professor should also solicit at least one and not more than two supporting emails to be sent by RoboCup community members from a different team, addressing one or both of the award criteria. The supporting emails are also to be sent to April Foster,