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RoboCup China Open 2015


RoboCup is an international academic and educational initiative. It aims to foster Robotics and AI research by providing standard problems and benchmarking platforms where a wide range of technologies can be developed, integrated and examined, as well as being used for integrated project-oriented education.

The RoboCup China Open 2015 is an international event to promote RoboCup research, education and competition in China. It will be held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province on October 17-19. Although RoboCup 2015 was held in Hefei, China and more Chinese teams participated than usual, China Open 2015 is still the only chance of national competition for much more Chinese teams.

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province. It has a population of 5.68 million and is located in ridge-upon-ridge mountains in Southwest China. The flight distance between Shanghai and Guiyang is about 1600km. This area is famous for tourism traditionally. But now it is a national inland-opening area, approved by the Chinese central government last year.

Important Dates

Registration and hotel reservation due: Sep 25

The competitions: Oct 17-19

Program and Competitions

Soccer Simulation

Small size

Middle size

Standard Platform


Rescue Simulation

Rescue Robot


@Home Simulation

Service Robot Benchmarking (new)

@Work (tentative)

The Annual Workshop on Robotics Technology and Development


Organization Sponsorships

The Chinese RoboCup Committee

The Guiyang Municipal Government

The Center for High-Tech Research and Development, the Science and

Technology Ministry of China


The Economy Promotion Committee of the Guiyang Municipal Government

The Venue

Guiyang International Conference & Exhibition Center
The venue will be the Guiyang International Conference & Exhibition Center, with about 15,000sqm space being used for the competition and the exhibition. The website of the center is at .

Co-located Event

The competition is co-located with the annual Chinese Robot Competition, which consists of robot competitions that are not included in international RoboCup competition. Most of these competitions are suitable for non-robotics-major undergraduates.

A robot exhibition is also planned to be held together with China Open 2015 in the same venue. All exhibiters are welcome.