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(The Competition Dates)
(The Competition Dates)
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=RoboCup China Open 2019=
=RoboCup China Open 2019=
==The Competition Dates==
==The Competition Dates==
<font color=color=orange>17 – 21 April</font> 2019.
<font color=orange>17 – 21 April</font> 2019.
==The City and Venue==
==The City and Venue==

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[edit] RoboCup China Open 2019

[edit] The Competition Dates

17 – 21 April 2019.

[edit] The City and Venue

Shaoxing is situated in the south corner of Yangtze River delta, only 30 kilometers to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and 230 kilometers to Shanghai.

The city of Shaoxing covers 8256 square kilometers. It has six administrative divisions with 5 million population. It has a tropical and subtropical humid monsoon climate, with a rainfall of 1300 millimeter annually. The city locates by Qiantang river as a famous watery region in south China.

Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center
The venue will be Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

[edit] Competitions

Soccer Simulations

Small Size

Middle Size

Standard Platform


Rescue Robot

Rescue Simulations


Junior Soccer-Lightweight/Open

Junior Rescue-Line, Maze, Mini

Junior Onstage

[edit] Co-located Event

2019 National Forum on Robotic Research & Industrial Applications of China

[edit] Schedule

Date Arrangement
17-04-2019 Setup for Senior teams
18-04-2019 Setup for Junior teams
19-04-2019 Opening Ceremony and Competitions
20-04-2019 Competitions
21-04-2019 Semi-finals and Finals Award and Closing Ceremony

[edit] Registration

Registration for teams and participants will be free.

[edit] Organization

The RoboCup National Committee of China

Shaoxing City Government

Chinese Association of Automation

[edit] Organizing Committee

Chair: CHEN Xiaoping

Vice Chair: LI Shi, ZHENG Zhiqiang, XIONG Rong