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RoboCup China Open 2020


RoboCup is an international academic and educational initiative. It aims to foster Robotics and AI research by providing standard problems and benchmarking platforms where a wide range of technologies can be developed, integrated and examined, as well as being used for integrated project-oriented education.

The RoboCup China Open 2020 is an international event to promote RoboCup research, education and competition in China. It will be held in Kechuang City Convention Center, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

Nanjing, was formerly known as Jinling and Jiankang. It is the capital city of Jiangsu Province, the vice-provincial city and the core city of Nanjing metropolitan area. It's also an important central city in eastern China, an important scientific research and education base.

Important Dates


Setup days: 03-10-2020

Competitions/Challenges: 03-10-2020 to 06-10-2020

Optional Trainning for participantes: 03-10-2020

Other activities:

Welcome party: 04-10-2020

Junior party: 04-10-2020


Setup days: 13-11-2020

Competitions/Challenges: 13-11-2020 to 15-11-2020

Optional Trainning for participantes: 13-11-2020

Other activities:

Welcome party: 13-11-2020

Major Leagues


Middle Size



Rescue Simulation

Standard Platform


Junior Leagues




The Venue

Kechuang City Convention Center

City: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Region/Country: China


Total area: 1300 ㎡

Main area for participants and competitions: 1000 ㎡

Soccer fields: 200 ㎡

Rescue Line fields: 200 ㎡

Rescue Maze fields: 300 ㎡

OnStage Stage: 300 ㎡

Restaurants, resort areas, places for spectators: 300㎡

Co-located events

Affected by the epidemic situation, this year we only hold some online academic exchange.

Participation and Fees

Registration price Major - 800¥/person

Registration price Junior - 600¥/person

Price for public - free

Organizing Committee


Chen Xiaoping(University of Science and Technology of China)

Vice Chair

Zheng Zhiqiang(National University of Defense Technology)

Li Shi(Chinese Association of Automation)

Secretary general

Wang Jingchuan(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Vice secretary-general

Xiao Junhao(National University of Defense Technology)

Office director

Jiang Meng(Chinese Association of Automation)


Liu Fei(Chinese Association of Automation)

Liu Kuan(Chinese Association of Automation)

Wang Wenjing(Shijingshan School)

Shi Jiaxiang(Shanghai Jinshan No.1 Experimental Primary School)


Chinese Association of Automation

Golden Sponsors

All golden sponsor covered by Registration fee


Nanjing mobile Internet and big data research institute