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Call for Participation to RoboCup Korean Open 2016

To whom it may concern,

This email is re-composed, as there has been a partial change and slight addition regarding the information of the event. Please refer to the Bold-typed texts down the below.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I sincerely invite RoboCup Teams to participate in RoboCup Korea Open event, which will be held at EXCO, Daegu, South Korea on 26th through 27th Feb. 2016.

RoboCup Korea Open is an annual event for students from Korea and other countries. This time it will be held in Daegu city of South Korea. It is special place, as a center of economy where Samsung first started its businesses with 4 UNESCO World heritage sites around the city.

And for the leagues competed during RoboCup Korea Open are as follows,

1. RoboCupJunior

   - Soccer(Light Weight, GENII)
   - Rescue(Line, CoSpace)
   - OnStage(Former Dance)

2. RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League.

• Rules for the RoboCupJunior competition will be the same as international rule of 2015.

• GENII league will be held for local teams only.

• Age of RoboCupJunior classification is as follows:

   -  Primary Teams : 11-14 year-old.
   -  Secondary Teams : 15-19 year-old.

We welcome participants from all over the world who wants to demonstrate its research outcome for the better development in robot education. And we believe it will inspire many in the field of robotics as well. To those who are interested in "RoboCup Korea Open Competition, 2016, please let me know by 15 Feb, 2016, with the number of teams it is going to participate. I will keep you updated as the details for the RoboCup Open Korea, firms up. I'm looking forward to welcoming you in Daegu City, South Korea.

Yours sincerely,

SangYong Han

The Chairman, RoboCup Korea Committee.